ProMANAGE is Your Operational Excellence Partner

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ProMANAGE is Your Operational Excellence Partner

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  • How can you Improve OEE

    How can you Improve OEE ?

    To improve OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), you need to eliminate losses in its three elements:
    Availability, Performance, and Quality.

    The main Availability losses in a production plant are Equipment Failure (Breakdowns), Equipment Setup & Adjustments, and Waits. Performance losses consist of minor stoppages and reduced operation speed . Quality losses consist of production defects (scrap , rework).

    ProMANAGE enhances the manufacturing processes by creating loss awareness so that they can be eliminated or minimized.On average, ProMANAGE users improved their OEE by 7-20% after the first 6 months of active usage.

  • Live OEE Monitoring

    Live OEE Monitoring

    For Manufacturers targeting sustainable success, it is vital to monitor all production processes. ProMANAGE provides transparency to the production processes and provides its users with machine based OEE Monitoring tools, both for the office layer and shop floor.

    ProMANAGE’s Andon / Dashboard options provide instant visualization within the shop floor to create awareness and improve OEE. From these screens, you can assign target values to OEE for each machine and track the OEE of that machine in real-time.

  • Management by KPI Targets

    Management by KPI Targets

    ProMANAGE involves hundreds of KPIs, including the ones suggested by ISO 22400 KPIs for Manufacturing Operations Management. These KPIs are key to implementing improvements on the losses seen in manufacturing operations.

  • Elimination of the Losses

    Elimination of the Losses

    ProMANAGE continuously and automatically measures losses in production, capacity usage, time, material, labor and energy . There are a variety of valuable tools to determine the losses and make a root cause analysis for each one.

    ProMANAGE assigns the enterprises with Project Managers who are experts in TPM, 6-Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing. They direct the enterprises how to eliminate the losses, and increase productivity within the plant.

  • Awareness of the Operators

    Awareness of the Operators

    Successful Manufacturers know that they need to keep all their staff working in close cooperation.

    ProMANAGE influences operators to be more involved with in the manufacturing processes. Since operators know that they are being monitored , it results in improvement in their performance, so they have a chance to prove themselves to their superiors.

    ProMANAGE’s Andon / Dashboard solutions lets operators and shift leaders instantly see what’s going happening on the shop floor. By doing so, the operators can see their current and target performance and try to keep up with that target.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Continuous Improvement

    ProMANAGE is used by more than 200 pioneer industrial companies. These companies are implementing TPM(Total Productive Maintenance) , 6-Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and WCM (World Class Manufacturing) methodologies. All these methodologies need to be able to understand what is actually happening, know the determination of the actual situation and the differences between targets, and how to determine losses to eliminate root causes. ProMANAGE does this job continuously in realtime, online and automatically, directs you to the responsible party immediately and forces continous improvements.

  • Visual Management

    Visual Management

    ProMANAGE’s Andon / Dashboard tools improve the effectiveness of communication and reaction. Andons expose problems instantly so they can be addressed sooner. Visualization increases operator’ and shift leaders’ awareness , which results in a rise in the number of kaizen.

    KPIs and targets can be seen online and real-time. Shift leaders can easily identify where the losses are and can eliminate them. Showing the target and instant values motivates the operators.

  • Automatic Escalation

    Automatic Escalation

    ProMANAGE continuously monitors stoppages, scraps, events and KPIs. Whenever a problem is detected,the system immediately and automatically prioritizes the problem and sends out messages concerning the issue via email, sms, IOS & Android applications.

    It can define any escalation level of a probem, as well as easily manage. escalation user groups and methods. Automatic escalation shortens the response time to problems and directly results in OEE improvement.



    Doruk is a member of MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise System Association) and ISA (International Society of Automation). ProMANAGE is designed in accordance with international MES / MOM standards recommended by MESA and ISA.

    Doruk is a member of OPC Foundation. ProMANAGE supports OPC protocols to collect data. To achieve sustainable excellence, we apply the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Model. We received the first award by Kalder (EFQM National Partner) in 2016 and we are on our excellence journey.

  • Fast & Easy Install

    Fast & Easy Installation

    As ProMANAGE, we approach system installation with our unique Project Management Methodology derived from PMI.

    With 20 years of extensive experience, ProMANAGE ensures a short installation period for customers , unlike other systems. An average installation takes 2 months. Also , the benefits of the system are gained instantly , which provides a short period of ROI.

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